A singular institution

ILACE celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2009, with a history of dedication to "developing and spreading methodologies and instruments that widen, diversify and encourage the use of thinking as a resource for decision making and action taking in all spheres of human intervention". Fellow institutes and specialists in the USA, Canada and Europe have acknowledged its degree of excellence, along with the 388 companies and more than 7 thousand people that have profited from its courses. ILACE is also recognized as a methodology generating institution in the seminars and conferences it takes part of.

  1. In June 1974, five years before ILACE's official foundation, José Leão de Carvalho started putting together a data base with the progresses of the methodology of creative process around the five continents.
  2. Ever since that "start before the start", ILACE has been proud of its non-passive, non-copied apprenticeship; such originality is the reason why it has generated so many methodological contributions. It has, even through its hardest moments, been able to develop a permanent research program focusing on:
    1. The cultural activities that demobilize the transformative thinking in Brazilian society, as well as the ones that mobilize it; and
    2. To the specific needs of decisory boards, more particularly within the managerial level of companies and institutions, both public and private.
  3. It has taught countless courses dedicated to the methodology of Transformative Thinking. This methodology has been developed by ILACE as a result of a successful blend of strategy, creative process and critical thinking, called Creategics.
  4. It also offers facilitation services to companies and institutions that are either in need of programs aiming at transformations, or in face of decision making at strategic level.

"ILACE has encouraged the application of its methodology in decisions at strategic levels and in the transformation of managerial cultures."
For both its teaching activities and its facilitation services, this institution has at its service a whole myriad of thinking and methodological tools, able to instrumentalize companies, institutions and people with a very functional set of high quality answers.
"Just think and you shall have wings" — Leonardo Da Vinci
The methodology of transformative thinking — flexibilized by the creative process, with its perception of the world widened by critical thinking levered by the artfulness of the strategic game — constitutes that certain quality of reasoning that enables the decision-maker to "spread out the wings" to manage deadlocks and turning points of any given nature.
Our main communicational challenge today is to smoothen the companies' path towards understanding the peculiarities and particularities in the last decades' methodological advance, so that they can profit more from the courses and the services offered by ILACE. Its lines of activity characterize it as a singular resource for companies willing to deal with not only the so-called ordinary daily challenges but also with the ones brought up by today's business environment.